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John Krueger

John Krueger

If you own, develop or represent real estate and your focus is to fill them with great, long-term tenants, you already know that corporate real estate decisions are becoming more focused on the potential of the local community than ever before. They now need to consider the ability to have and sustain an employee pipeline, the current status and trend evaluation of the local taxes, as well as traditional real estate trends such as cost and long-term expansion capabilities. The US has more than 380 Metropolitan Statistical Areas with populations of more than 50,000 as of 2017.

I have been consulting with companies and communities on the optimal location and policies for successful company growth for almost 20 years both here in California and in Arizona. I have helped more than 700 companies evaluate expansion options in the areas of tax, workforce, incentives, and real estate analysis. This effort created more than 10,000 jobs, $520 million in annual payroll, $970 million in capital investment, and absorption of more than 9 million square feet.

These companies include, Centene, Macy's Inc., McKesson, Gap Inc., CSUN-California Sunergy, Embraer - Phenom Service Center, Rio Glass Solar, Suntech, Dick's Sporting Goods, California AAA, and Subzero.

I work to add value to tenant rep business, development clients who need assistance with building site-specific requirements, and corporate real estate decision-makers to evaluate the potential criteria that impact their business including employee pipeline, local regional and tax incentives, cost of expansion, job-specific wage data, and other economic trends.

Specialties: Advanced Manufacturing and Services, rapid-scaling /early-stage company development, Logistics, Renewable energy, and Biofuels, as well as Local and State operational cost modeling, tax and incentive analysis, and workforce development and recruitment.

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